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Security Systems

Security Systems

Not everyone's security needs are the same which is why AAA Security recommends a FREE security assessment with one of our Security Consultants. We'll work with you to pick the best package and help you decide if you want to add on additional devices. Contact us today, to set up an appointment.

Our security system packages come complete with professional installation, and include the essentials to protect your home. Packages are available for both hard wired, and wireless installation.

AAA Security Packages

AAA security Systems

Additional Devices

  • Glass break sensor

    Excellent for sun rooms, patio doors or any other large expanse of glass that may be susceptible to forced entry, this sensor can detect breaking glass.

  • Water sensor

    Perfect near your water heater or basement plumbing this sensor can detect as little as 4mm of water.

  • Low temperature sensor

    Avoid costly repairs caused by cold weather home heating failures by detecting when the temperature in your house drops below a pre-set level. Excellent protection for those who travel during the winter months!

  • Heat detector

    Often mounted next to your furnace, this device can detect sudden increases in temperature.

  • Sump pump sensor

    Helps protect your basement in the event of a sump pump failure or excessive water levels by detecting rising water levels.

  • Panic button

    Mounted almost anywhere in your home, allows you to notify AAA Security’s Monitoring Center that you need emergency assistance.

  • Keychain remote

    Arm and disarm your security system with a simple, single-button operation - no codes to remember! The sleek design is equipped with long-life, user-replaceable lithium batteries and fits easily into purses or pockets.

  • Wireless communicator

    No phone line? No worries! Your security system can still be monitored 24/7 by installing a wireless communicator that will transmit the alarm signals over the wireless network instead of a landline.

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