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Security Systems

Guide to your Keypad and Operating your System

Function Purpose
Away Arms the entire system, both interior and exterior zones. Entry/exit delay is activated.
Stay Arms only the exterior zones of the system. Allows interior movement within the premises, without causing an alarm. Entry/exit delay is activated.
Bypass Removes individual zones from monitoring, at the time the system is armed.
Chime When set, the opening of exterior zones while the system is disarmed, will sound 3 beeps from the keypad.
Fire Activates an audible pulsing sound of the siren and sends a signal to the AAA Monitoring Centre.
Police Sends a signal to the AAA Monitoring Centre, without an audible sound.
Instant Same as stay mode, with no delay.

Select a Keypad:

For instructions on how to use these functions, please select the keypad you have in your house. If you are unable to find your keypad, please contact AAA Security for assistance.


If you cancel your landline phone, and do not have a cellular backup, internet monitoring or AAA Link Service, your security system will fail to communicate with AAA Security. Please call AAA Security to make arrangements to reinstate communications with our Monitoring Centre.

Trouble (Vista Systems) To Fix
System won't ARM

Check for faulted zones by pressing the * key. If there is a faulty zone, the keypad will indicate "NOT READY”

If you make a mistake entering your security code, press the * key and try again. Each key must be pressed within 4 seconds of each other.

Alarm has been set off accidentally

Enter your security code and press OFF key to silence alarm. Ensure all doors and windows are closed and enter your security code and press OFF again, to erase alarm memory. Call the AAA Security Monitoring Centre to report a false alarm. Be sure to have your password ready when you call.

Unable to BYPASS a zone
  • Ensure the system is disarmed.
  • Ensure that you are entering the correct 2 digit zone number you wish to bypass.
  • You cannot bypass smoke, heat or carbon monoxide zones.
Keypad is beeping and reads "COMM FAILURE" or "94"

AAA Security is not receiving communication signals from your system. Enter your security code and press the OFF key to silence the beeping. Call the AAA Security Monitoring Centre to advise of the error.

Keypad indicates "MEMORY OF ALARM"

Indicates your system recently signalled an alarm. Enter your security code and press OFF to clear the alarm memory. If you are not aware of a recent alarm, contact the AAA Security Monitoring Centre.

Keypad indicates “BAT” or “SYSTEM LO BATTERY”

Indicates your system requires a battery change. For full instructions see our Battery Replacement instructions below.


AAA Security recommends you test your security system every few months to ensure each device is working properly. To complete a test, follow these instructions:

  1. Call the AAA Security Monitoring Centre at 204 949-0078 and inform the Operator that you would like to test your system. Please have your password ready as we will put your account on test to ensure that we do not act on your alarms during the test.
  2. You may wish to bypass the tamper on your system, to ensure the interior siren does not go off. Using your keypad, enter your code, press the BYPASS key and then enter the 2 digit code for the tamper zone. This code is typically written on the inside of your keypad.
  3. Test all zones and devices:
    • Open all windows, doors and walk in front of your motion detectors.
    • For smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, push the test button on the device to check that the device is communicating with our Monitoring Station. To test if the device will successfully detect smoke or fire, you must use canned smoke and carbon monoxide. Do not use a lighter or matches, which may damage the device.
    • For a sump pump sensor, lift the float up until the sensor goes off. If you lift the float up as far as it will go, and the sensor does not go off, it is either not working, or needs to be adjusted.
    • For a low temperature device, spray with canned air.
    • To test a water sensor, 1/4 inch of water is needed to make the sensor go off. Put a container around the device and fill with water.
  4. Once you have completed your test, call the AAA Security Monitoring Centre. An Operator will confirm which alarms we received and will let you know if we failed to receive an alarm from any zone. If you experienced any problems with your devices, or if a zone failed to report an alarm during the test, the Operator can assist you in setting up a service call. Standard service rates will apply for a site visit.

Battery Replacement

AAA Security residential security systems have a backup battery designed to supply power to the system, should a power outage occur. The backup battery needs to be replaced when the keypad displays a "BAT" or "SYSTEM LO BATTERY" message.

If you would like AAA Security to change your battery, contact us and schedule a service appointment. Standard service rates will apply.

If you would like to change your own battery, follow these instructions. Remember, when working with any battery use electrically insulated tools and handle battery carefully.

  1. Purchase a replacement battery by visiting the AAA Security office or through a local battery supply store. We suggest you take a picture of your battery, or bring it with you, to ensure you are purchasing the correct replacement.
  2. Call the AAA Security Monitoring Centre and request to to have your Security system placed OFFLINE. Inform the operator that you are replacing your battery.
  3. If there is a lock on the panel door, and you do not have key, contact AAA Security and a key will be sent to you.
  4. You may wish to bypass the tamper on your system, to ensure the interior siren does not go off. Using your keypad, enter your code, press the BYPASS key and then enter the 2 digit code for the tamper zone. This code is typically written on the inside of your keypad.
  5. Open your panel door, either with a key (may be found taped to the top of the panel box) or by removing the metal screws.
  6. Unplug the red and black battery cables, and remove the battery from the panel box.
  7. Remove and discard the protective plastic caps from the red and black terminal ends on the new battery.
  8. Place the battery inside the panel box and attach the red battery wire to the red terminal end on the battery. Attach the black battery wire to the black terminal end.
  9. Close the panel door and secure with either the key or metal screws.
  10. Call the AAA Security Monitoring Centre to have your system put ONLINE.
  11. Check that your alarm keypad is no longer displaying a “BAT” or “SYSTEM LO BATTERY” indicator. If the indicator is still displaying one of these indicators, wait one hour and then check again, to give the battery time to recharge.
  12. Dispose of your old battery by bringing it back to AAA Security or to any battery recycling depot.