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AAA News for you - December 2016


Happy Holidays from our AAA family to yours!

Beginning in 2017, we will be sending our Newsletter out quarterly, rather than monthly. We will continue to work hard to bring you fun and helpful safety tips, answer your questions and inform you on company information! Follow us on Facebook or Twitter for frequent updates on promotions, contests and more.


Tips & Tricks – Winter Fire Safety

As the world outside cools down, we turn up the heat inside our homes. Here are a few easy tips and tricks to stay on top of fire safety this winter.



Keeping warm

Winter is the perfect time to heat up the fireplace for cozy evenings. Before lighting a fire, be sure to have the fireplace clear of clutter and debris that may have collected in the area over the warmer months.



No plug necessary

Manitobans know the importance of plugging in our vehicles during the cold winters. However, it is important to never plug in your vehicle when it is parked inside a garage. It is very common for fires to start when vehicles are plugged in inside a garage, and many homes do not have a smoke detector installed in the garage.



Use a heat detector

Often mounted next to your furnace, a heat detector device will detect sudden increases in temperature and send an alarm signal straight to the AAA Monitoring Centre.



Check your charge

Always be sure that the batteries in your smoke alarm are fresh and have not leaked over time. A quick monthly battery check could make a huge difference.



Meeting point

Designate a meeting place for you and your family members in the even of a fire. A trusted neighbours house or a location on your street, so that everyone is prepared in the unlikely event of a fire.


With our diverse range of home security products and services, we can give you peace of mind this holiday season!


Featured Products and Services

Featured Product of the Month

Low Temperature Sensors

Avoid costly repairs to your home heating systems caused by cold weather. If the temperature in your house drops below a pre-set level, our low temperature sensor will send an alarm signal to the AAA Monitoring Centre.

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Featured Service of the Month

Travel Assured

Going away this winter? We have you covered. Preschedule guard service visits to have your pipes and furnaces checked, your mail brought in and your home secured while you're away. Travel Assured gives you the peace of mind while you're away. Rest assured knowing that you have Travel Assured.

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Sign up for our electronic billing service before December 31st to be automatically entered for a chance to win 2 tickets to a Winnipeg home-team hockey game at the MTS Centre on January 18, 2017. Try paperless billing today.


Questions & Answers

Have a question for AAA? We have answers! We will provide solutions to your residential or business security questions right here in the newsletter. Just post your questions to our Facebook or Twitter page, and we may feature it in our next issue!

Q: Smoke Detectors vs Smoke Alarms – What's the Difference?

A: A smoke alarm is a battery operated device which does not connect to anything else, so it can easily be installed anywhere. It is a self-contained unit with its own sounder to alert people in the event of a fire. A smoke detector is designed to integrate into a security system, typically getting power from the system, so there are no batteries to change.

Q: If I have an emergency, should I call AAA first?

A: No. In the event of an emergency, your first phone call should always be to 911. If you are unable to call 911, then press the PANIC or FIRE ALARM button on your security system and we will dispatch the proper authorities to you.

Start posting your questions today! We are standing by to provide you with the ideal solution for all your security needs.


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