The Launch of Lyric - Premium Home Automation from AAA
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AAA News for you - October 2016


The Launch of Lyric — Premium Home Automation from AAA

AAA Lyric

AAA Security is proud to launch Lyric, a system that integrates the latest security technology with home automation, connecting you to your home from wherever you are. Learn more about Lyric today.


Tips & Tricks - Child Safety on Halloween

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you and your family enjoy a fun and safe Halloween!



No tricks, just treats

Combine your trick-or-treating outing with a group of friends or family so that multiple adults are able to work together to keep an eye on groups of children.



Seeing double

When there are many children dressed up as the same character or spooky creature, it can be easy to misplace a child in a crowd. Ensure that your child stands out by adding reflective tape or a flashlight in their hands to set them apart from identical costumes.



Safety refresher

Halloween is a great time to remind children about safety when interacting with strangers. Remind children that entering the home of a stranger is not allowed, but accepting candy at their doorstep is okay on Halloween night.



Safe space

In large crowds, it is always possible for a child to misplace their parent or vice versa. Plan a safe meeting place at a landmark location in the event that you and your child become separated.



Happy snacking

Before allowing children to eat their hard earned candy, ensure that a parent or guardian has checked for any items such as unwrapped/partially unwrapped candy, or holes in wrappers before giving it to the child.


We hope these tips will help you and your family enjoy this Halloween as safely as possible!


Featured Products and Services

Featured Product of the Month

Smart Lights

Now that it is autumn, the sun is rising later and evenings become dark earlier. With our Take Control Plus app and Smart Lights from AAA, you can control your lights straight from your smartphone or tablet! Contact our Residential Security Consultants to learn more about AAA Smart Home and Z-Wave lights to ensure your home is as bright as ever this fall season.

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Featured Service of the Month

AAA Security e-Bill

Reduce your paper usage and receive your AAA Security bill by email. Our new e-Bill service allows you to receive a copy of your billing invoice through email rather than receive a paper copy.

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It’s Fire Prevention week!

The National Fire Protection Association is focusing on replacing smoke alarms every 10 years for this October’s Fire Prevention Week! Contact AAA on Facebook or Twitter or call our customer care for more information on replacing or upgrading your smoke detector today!


Questions & Answers

Have a question for AAA? We have answers! Every month, we will provide solutions to your residential or business security questions right here in the newsletter. Just post a question to our Facebook or Twitter page, and we may feature it in our next issue!

Q: What is Take Control Arm & Disarm?

A: Our Take Control Arm & Disarm service allows you to stay connected with your home with the ability to control your security system from wherever you have an internet connection on your mobile device or tablet. You will have the ability to remotely arm, disarm or check the status of your security system right from your mobile device or tablet. Our AAA Take Control service is available today, give us a call to learn even more about this great service!

Q: Will my security system still work if I lose electrical power?

A: Yes. Our AAA alarm panels are equipped with a backup battery that will maintain your security system for several hours. The panel also supervises the battery so in the event your battery is extremely low, a signal will be sent to our Monitoring Centre. We will then contact you to let you know your system will soon need a new battery.

Start posting your questions today! AAA is standing by to provide you with the ideal solution for all your security needs.


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