If you are a AAA Customer and refer a friend or family member to us and they sign up for AAA services, you could receive 3 months of free basic monitoring.
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AAA News for you - March 2017


Refer your friends and get 3 months FREE basic monitoring

If you are a AAA Customer and refer a friend or family member to us and they sign up for AAA services, you could receive 3 months of free basic monitoring. Plus, from now until March 31, 2017, new customers on a 3 year contract will receive 6 months free. Refer someone today so that you and your loved ones can all enjoy a period of free monitoring!


Tips & Tricks – Let's go green!

Trying to reduce our environmental impact can be a daunting idea. Here are a few simple tips and tricks for you and your family to help make a difference. Being green is always in season.



Bright ideas

LED and CFL light bulbs are much more energy efficient and cost effective than traditional light bulbs. Also, with Lyric's Smart Lights you can control a Z-Wave LED light bulb right from your smartphone/tablet with the Take Control app.



Less paper

Using less paper is a great way to be conscious of the environment. For example, sign up for our e-Bill service to skip the paper billing and receive your bills through email.




A little recycling can go a long way. Always remember to recycle bottles, cans, and paper products when sorting your trash.




As the weather gets warmer, reducing your heat while you aren’t home is a great way to save on energy. To make things easier, use a product such as the Lyric Thermostat which allows you to create heating settings and change from an App on your smartphone or tablet.



Conserve Water

Conserving water can be much easier than we think. Taking shorter showers and turning off the tap when cooking or brushing teeth all adds up to make a big difference.


Featured Products and Services

Featured Product of the Month

High Water Sensor

With spring quickly approaching, there are always risks of flooding. Investing in a high water sensor can help protect your home from the dangers of water damage, able to detect as little as 4mm of water.

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Featured Service of the Month

Guard Service

Guard Service is a great way to know your home is secure while you’re away. If an alarm signal is sent, our Monitoring Centre will dispatch a security guard as the first responder to your home to determine the probable cause of the alarm.

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Protect Yourself Against Carbon Monoxide

Carbon Monoxide (CO) is an odourless, toxic gas that is extremely deadly. This toxin is found in fumes when fuel is burned in a variety of common household appliances such as fireplaces and furnaces. Although household appliances are built to prevent CO leakages, there is always a risk for build-up. The best way to protect you and your loved ones from a CO leak is with a Carbon Monoxide Detector. We at AAA are proud to offer a variety of CO detectors, contact us today to learn more about having one installed..


Questions & Answers

Have a question for AAA? We have answers! We will provide solutions to your residential or business security questions right here in the newsletter. Just post your questions to our Facebook or Twitter page, and we may feature it in our next issue!

Q: Will my security system still work if I lose electrical power?

A: Yes. Our AAA alarm panels are equipped with a backup battery that will maintain your security system for several hours. The panel also supervises the battery so in the event your battery is low, a signal will be sent to our Monitoring Centre. We will then contact you to let you know your system will soon need a new battery.

Q: What payment options can I use to pay my monthly fees?

A: We recommend signing up for Pre-Authorized Payment. Every pay period, we will automatically withdraw your monitoring payments from your choice of debit or credit card. Or set up AAA as one of your online banking payees for another quick way to pay.

Start posting your questions today! We are standing by to provide you with the ideal solution for all your security needs.


Internet Monitoring

Internet monitoring allows you
to connect with our 24/7
Monitoring Centre using your
internet or WiFi.


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Premium Service Plan

Looking to ensure your home is covered? With our Premium Service Plan, enjoy peace of mind knowing we have you protected.


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